Ren Fest 2K

Ren Fest 2K

I thought I was being a little obnoxious, taking so many pix at this year's Renaissance Festival, but now I see I'm lucky if I get one good shot out of ten! If it looks like I spent all my time at the White Hart Tavern, I didn't, but that's where the best pix came from. I guess I'll have to go back again (aw, darn!)

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Any complaints, don't call us, we'll call you!

Some more habeñeros sauce sir?

All Hail His Majesty!


Merry folk of the White Hart Tavern

There was dancing in the street err... glade?

A knight in shining armor (proving that I did stray from the White Hart!)

Ah the good old days, when people bashed each other's heads in for fun!

The Pyrates weren't the only entertainment, the Rouges were well received.
I swear, I'm not a Pyrates Royale groupie. Just their biggest (!!) fan.

The Cap'n and the Bosun make a cute couple, dontcha think? (A cupla whats, I don't know!)

We've Found the Pyrates Secret Encampment!

Ah, Poor Skivee, may he Rest in Peace

What fun it is to publicly humiliate someone on their natal day!

Drake Mallard, aka new meat for the grinder!

Fi Fi le BonBon, Strutting her stuff!

Kat Fairbanks, looks lonely without her dulcimer

Fearless Leader!

I've heard of pyrates collecting strange plunder, but this is ridiculous
What are these funny buttons on the back of the camera?

Ah ha! Do Pyrates look better in sepia?

or Black and white?

Just as I thought! They look best on acid!!!